Passion for the land, a family tradition

Our Company

The food cannery "Iaculli Matteo & C. S.n.c." was founded by Domenico Iaculli in 1970. Years later, as had happened for a generation, the eldest son Matteo decided to follow in his father's footsteps. The great experience accumulated in tasting and recognizing quality convinced Matteo to set up his own business, packaging food products under the "Iaculli Matteo" brand and enhancing what the land of Capitanata has always had to offer.
We select and transform food products, coming exclusively from the territories of "Tavoliere delle Puglie", into preserves of the highest quality, processed with traditional techniques to keep their nutritional values ​​intact, ensuring their absolute authenticity.
The growing interest in products that are as natural as possible has greatly accredited the methods and results achieved by our company in the canning field. Prestigious national and international companies rely on our food cannery choosing from a wide range of products whose packaging, scheduled only a few days before delivery, guarantees a product that is always fresh and genuine.
Today the food cannery "Iaculli Matteo & C. S.n.c." is a point of reference for all customers who, confidently, rely on those who have forged a bond with the products of the soil that has lasted for generations.